Secure Your Current Lower Denture For As Little As $2,600

For over 36 years we’ve been busy giving people their smile’s back. We love making people dentures. The immediate confidence boost it gives of our patients makes our work so fulfilling.

However, we know they are not without some limitation. We know that the lower denture has a tendency to move around due to the anatomical structures of the mouth. Some people can live with this but for others it can some times be unbearable.

We are now offering to secure lower dentures for current denture wearers for as little as $2,600. This life changing treatment will secure your denture significantly better than any adhesive!

It includes the following:

  • Dental Implant Treatment to secure the lower denture
  • 3D X-Ray
  • Conversion of your current denture to an implant retained denture

This treatment is geared towards existing full lower denture wearers with a denture that is in acceptable condition.

This does not include any additional charges such as extractions, bone grafting, or any other fees associated with implant treatment. This treatment is not available for implant therapy in the upper jaw due to the necessity of more implants required in the upper jaw for adequate treatment.

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