4-implant overdenture

The 4-implant overdenture  is an extremely stable restoration, taking the 2-implant overdenture to the next level.  With 4 implants snapped in, you have removed almost all the movement with the denture! It works the same way as the two implant overdenture, but just more stability.  With four you can get even more of your biting force back and really start chewing the foods you love and have missed dearly!  The increased number of implants stabilizes more of the bone loss and takes more pressure off the gums. Think of this as more a three or four legged chair.

Four is the minimum number of implants that would be placed in upper jaw to support a denture due to the fact that the bone is a lot softer in the upper jaw.

In some cases a special metal bar can be fabricated to give the utmost stability with a denture.

Bar OverdentureThe advantage of the standard diameter implants can really start to be seen here.  The connector piece on a standard size implant can be changed from the one that snaps into a removable denture to a connector piece that a special type of denture or restoration is screwed into, and is fixed.  You have to have at least four implants to do this, and most often more than that. However, the beautiful thing here is that if a person can’t do that level of treatment now, or isn’t sure, they can work their way up to it from an overdenture as long as standard diameter implants have been used and the bone in the other areas permit placement of more! Refer to fixed-hybrid denture

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