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Denture Maintenance

Over time, after teeth are lost, the tissues (bone and gums) that support dentures shrink away.  This process happens very fast immediately after tooth extraction and the first 6-12 months after, but continues gradually over time.  This process leaves a dead space in the denture, and makes them fit much poorer than when the denture was first fabricated.   Relines are done to fill in this dead space, thus re-adapting the denture to how the tissues are currently.

Soft relines are normally done in the healing denture during the 12 month healing period after extractions. Often the patient will need several of these during that initial 6-12 months following tooth extraction.  In  rare cases, for patients such as those with very sensitive gums, a permanent soft reline can be done.

Hard relines are performed in permanent dentures, normally after the patient has been wearing the denture for an extended period of time and the tissues have gradually resorbed away.  Before a permanent hard reline can be done, the doctor must first make sure that the bite is still stable and the denture is not severely worn down.  If both these things are deemed acceptable, the reline may be performed, often making the denture fit like new again!

Please note that permanent hard relines can be done on a same day basis if in the office before 9:00 AM. Please call if there is any questions.

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