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There are many anatomical differences in the mouth from person to person, especially in the gums and the bones. These anatomical differences can affect our ability to make a properly fitting denture or other prosthesis, or to place an implant in the correct position to support the future restoration. In order to ensure we are able to do things properly, sometimes additional procedures need to be done to correct these. Many  people have bony tori, bumps or knots, on their lower jaw beside their tongue, or excess gum tissue that need to be removed.  Sometimes when teeth have been missing for a while, the ridge becomes very sharp, or “knife edged”, and may need to be smoothed down and flattened prior to placing implants. These are things that will need to be identified in the exam or consultation, and be discussed with your doctor.

DentureCare and Implant Solutions

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Very wonderful experience at this DentureCare Center. I recommend this very highly. 5+ rating for the doctor.

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I think you all do good work

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This is my second time here & I have & will tell others to come here. If you want good service & kind help then this is the place to Go!

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Dr Jernigan and his staff were very caring and professional at all times.

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very professional service, and friendliness very knowledgeable staff. Thank you for all you do.

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great experience

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Great work

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