Conventional Complete Dentures

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At DentureCare and Implant Solutions, we have a passion for fabricating dentures that hit the mark, both esthetically and functionally.

Conventional dentures are made when the gums have completely healed and the rapid remodeling of the gums is complete. Our mission is to find the solution that matches your needs, wants, and finances.

Creating full dentures is truly an art and a science. After fabricating tens of thousands of dentures, Dr. Jernigan has developed the “eye” for establishing a beautiful, as well as functional, smile. Often patients present having lost whatever that proper “look” is for them. To correct these problems, the right anatomic size and shaped teeth have to be chosen and then set appropriately to match each individuals distinct facial pattern, lip line, smile line, and coloring. The proper height of the bite (or degree of opening) must be reestablished to a level conducive for muscular and joint comfort as well as appearance. This all has to be in harmony with determining the patients wishes and desires as well. It is an intricate and intuitive process.

Natural teeth and the underlying bone provide a framework that supports the structures of your face including your lips, cheeks, and nose. When teeth are lost the ability to eat and chew properly is impaired and it becomes difficult to maintain a proper diet. Without support from your teeth, the face will sag creating a look  of premature aging. Additionally, without teeth we cannot speak clearly and distinctly.

A complete denture replaces all of the teeth in the upper and/or lower jaw. It sits on top of the gums that cover the jaw bone. We utilize several techniques to assure that your new denture will fit the shape of your gums and provide the necessary support for your face. The design of the denture and the position of the teeth will help to restore good speech and appearance.

Our fully equipped on-site dental laboratory utilizes 4 experienced lab technicians to provide you with a value, quality and time saving experience. Dentures are usually completed in 1-4 days.

Now we also have the option to use implants to support complete dentures, which has many advantages over traditional full dentures. Refer to implant section regarding implant over- dentures.

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