CONUS Overdenture

The ATLANTIS CONUS overdenture  is new fantastic treatment option for people missing all of their teeth in their upper or lower jaw.   It is the perfect “in between” option of the “snap on” removable overdenture and the “fixed” hybrid.   Through use of precisely milled ” friction connectors”, patient’s receive a denture with the benefits of BOTH FIXED and REMOVABLE solutions! The tight precision fit delivers the comfort, function, and confidence of a fixed denture, while still being able to remove it for easier hygiene and maintenance. 

  • Function and secure feel of fixed solutions, but at much lower cost
  • Optimal chewing function and sense of taste thanks to free-palate design
  • Great esthetic results
  • Removable so easy to clean and maintain both around the gums and the implants and the denture
  • Do not have to worry about retention inserts in the denture wearing out over time and needing to be changed