First Time Denture Package

Our popular first time denture packages provide patients with a same day immediate “healing” denture and an elite or premium denture several months later after the gums have healed.

These packages are designed to provide each patient with a long term denture package that will help save them time and money while “babying” them through the healing phase. All first time denture packages include the following benefits:

  • Soft relines of your immediate denture in order to keep you comfortable during your healing phase
  • A custom fitted permanent denture after your healing phase is completed
  • Unlimited adjustments for sore spots during your healing period

Elite Denture Package: Full Set: $2,539 (Savings of $850 for set) | Single/Partial: $1,538 (savings of $450)

Premium Denture Package: Full Set: $1,935 (Savings or $550/set) | Single/Partial: $1,173 (savings of $300)

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