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Replace Missing Teeth

Dental implants are designed to provide a foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel and function like natural teeth. The person who has lost teeth regains the ability to eat virtually anything and can smile with confidence, knowing that teeth appear natural and that facial contours will be preserved. The implants are tiny titanium posts which are placed into the jawbone where teeth are missing. The bone bonds with the titanium, creating a strong foundation for artificial teeth. In addition, dental implants can help preserve facial structure, preventing the bone deterioration which occurs when teeth are missing.

Dental implants are changing the way people live! With them, people are rediscovering the comfort and confidence to eat, speak, laugh and enjoy life.

Our philosophy at DentureCare & Implant Solutions is that we believe every patient should be fully educated about the entire implant treatment process, including all the many potential treatment options, risks and benefits,  and so much more.  Dental implants can be a foreign and intimidating concept, and the best way to make people comfortable with them is by educating them completely. If, like many others, you feel implant dentistry is the choice for you, we ask that you undergo a dental/radiographic examination and health history. During these consultation visits, your specific needs and considerations will be addressed by either Dr. Edward Jernigan and John C Jernigan and our staff.  For complex cases we often work in conjunction by a specialist (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Periodontist, Prosthodontist) referred by our practice. Your questions and concerns are important to us and our team will work with you very closely to help make your procedure a success.  Their is no commitment by doing a consultation, and is only to give you the education and information you need to make an informed decision about whether or not dental implant therapy is a good option for you.

Are You Ready to Restore Your Smile?

Don’t settle for missing teeth! Dental implants are natural-looking replacement teeth that can renew your smile. Contact us today to learn more!

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DentureCare and Implant Solutions

5 out of 5 stars based on 10 Implants reviews.

Patient Review By Brenda B

I recently had implants done on the top and bottom and received ne dentures for both. I am so very happy with the success of this procedure. I am able to eat anything I want now; better than in years. I can smile my big wide smile like I used to be able to do and it feels so good. The staff was so wonderful, everyone was always so helpful. I always felt that I was their #1 patient of that day; such a great feeling. They are the best. I highly recommend the whole team. Having this procedure done is not a quick fix. It requires some patience on the part of the patient. Nothing good ever comes easy, but it is so well worth the time and effort that goes into it. Thanks to all who helped make me so happy. I hope my review shows as a 5 star, because that was my intent.

- Brenda B

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Patient Review By C B

I must tell anyone interested in Dental Implants to check out DentureCare and Implant Solutions in Rocky Mount, NC! All the staff, from the front desk and on, were nothing less than professionals. Their dedication to my care was beyond my expectations. Always friendly, Kind and supportive. Getting dentures, especially with implants, is a process but Dr Jernigan and his staff made me feel right at home. painless through all the procedures. I,m enjoying food better now than ever. Corn on the cob, steak and bacon. Stuff I struggled with before. I do recommend them. 100% yes. I live in Kentucky, They were worth the drive (461 miles one way) for each appointment. If any of the staff is reading this I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- C B

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Patient Review By Lorrie G

I had dentures for over 5 years. I was fortunate to have only a top plate but I could no longer enjoy food as I used to. I learned that a lot of your taste buds are in the roof of your mouth. I researched implants for over two years. I could not find any that I could afford. Then by chance I dropped my denture on the dining table. (I would take them out and eat with my gums, much to my family's dismay). I had dropped them numerous times but they had never broken. Guess they just fell the right way or it was God's way of showing me where I needed to go. When I went into denture solutions to get them fixed I asked about implants. Dr. Joc Jernigan talked with me and I told him the reasons I was unhappy with my dentures. He came up with a solution that would work for me and one that I could afford. Now I can eat like I used to, have a beautiful smile and am very happy with the results I got. Dr. Joc Jernigan is the best dentist and person I have ever met in this profession. He truly cares about people and that is rare in this day and time. He showed me kindness when I needed it the most! Thanks to all at denture solutions for the way they helped me to change my life for the better.

- Lorrie G

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Patient Review By Susan O

Thank you dr. Jernigan and girls !!! Oh what a good job for handling my anxiety and explaining everything to me more than one time . Absolutely never any pain and making it an easy recovery. Gosh, life is wonderful to eat with no more problems from those pesky bad teeth with all their own little nags and no more sensitivity which alone by itself is worth every dime !!!! Along with all mentioned , I also have a beautiful smile. " This makes entering the 50's so much more pleasant. Dr. Jernigan,"Thanks for letting me be entertained by the Goo Goo Dolls through the procedure and sorry for falling asleep a half dozen times while pulling teeth and putting my implants in. You did a magnificent job and thanks for caring most of all !!! So anyway this is me now because of you . Thank you and the girls !!!!!!

- Susan O

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Patient Review By Carolyn R

You and your associates are phenomenal, the greatest!! Love Love my implants. Your care of me was excellent. Thank You from my heart. Now I can eat, talk, laugh and enjoy life at it's fullest, and I do. Thanks to you. Such an excellent job. You are God sent and you will do well for this Rocky Mount area. Thank you. As Always Smiling, CR We are Blessed to Have you!!

- Carolyn R

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Patient Review By Tom G

Thank you so much! I could not be happier with my new implants. I can eat the foods I used to eat 🙂

- Tom G

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Patient Review By Judy B

I never imagine I would love going to a dentist! LOL But these people make it a pleasant experience!

- Judy B

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Patient Review By Barbara S

I had two teeth cut out on the lower gum and two implants inserted on the same day. Dr. Joc was great and I never had any pain. I also got new lower and upper dentures and have had nothing but praise from my family about how pretty and natural they look. If you have any adjustment done the staff is the greatest to work with and very good at knowing what needs to be done. The implants are very reasonably compared to other Dentist. I would recommend these Doctors and Staff to my family and friends.

- Barbara S

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Patient Review By David B

The implants have really helped me keep my lower denture in place without it moving and without having to use all of that sticky adhesive. Now I can eat whatever I what without having to worry about my denture moving around.

- David B

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Patient Review By Leonard M

The implants have really improved my ability to eat. I am able to eat corn on the cob. I am eating more and I am eating better foods now. Before I had the implants my dentures did not stay in place and they jumped around in my mouth. Implants have improved my life!!!

- Leonard M

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