Implant Healing & Restorative Phase

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After Dental Implant Placement

After the surgical placement of the implants, they need time to heal, most often 3-6 months. During this time the implants fuse with the bone(process called osseointegration).  During this time a temporary healing prosthesis is made, or an old denture is used to wear.  It is very important during this time period to keep any unwanted forces off the implants, following the doctor’s instructions thoroughly (soft diet, etc.), and letting the doctor if you are having any problems.  This will help ensure success and the “taking” of the implants by the bone and body. Follow-up appointments are performed to monitor healing. Different places in mouth have different types and quality of bone, and thus some areas need more time for implants to heal.   Once healed it may take a second, simple, surgical procedure to uncover the implants and place the connector piece.  The final specialized dental prosthetic (denture) is made at this point, which is the one that is “loaded” or connected/snapped onto implants!   This is when the real FUN begins and you can get back out there and start eating your favorite foods!

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