Dental Implant Advanced Technology

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Sirona Orthophos XG3D (CBCT-Conebeam Computed Tomography)

3D imaging of dental implants
  • The Sirona Orthophos XG3D is a 3D X-ray machine is the most important and useful piece of technology available for implant therapy today. Having this incredible piece of technology in office prevents the patient from having to go to the hospital or elsewhere for a similar type of scan. It is much quicker, and much less costly. The scan feels like the patient is getting the normal full mouth 2D x-ray done. This scan allows the doctor to see almost all the structures of the jaws in three dimensions.  This gives the ability to see exactly how much bone is available to place implants or if grafting is necessary, and location of critical anatomical structures of the jaw such as the main nerves, sinus, arteries.

Implant Treatment Planning Software

  • This software is used in conjunction with the 3D x ray, and allows the doctor to virtually place and treatment plan the location and number of implants in the 3D scan.  We are able to determine, approximately, which implant and what size we want to use, and determine if any vital structures such as nerves or sinuses are preventing us from placing the implants.  This allows us to visualize the surgery before it even is performed, which will help tremendously the comfort and confidence during the actual surgery.

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