Interim/Immediate Dentures

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Usually when patients present to have all or some  of their teeth extracted, they will make the decision to have a denture put right in following the surgery. They are usually doing this for personal and cosmetic reasons but there are many advantages to this practice as well.

At first thought it seems like it would be  uncomfortable to have a denture over these extraction sites. However, just the opposite is true! The denture serves as a “band-aid” to fully protect the extraction sites from all of the activity that goes on in our mouths (eating, talking, drinking etc). This “band-aid” also promotes healing by helping to maintain the fresh clots in the sockets which are the initial and fragile basis of healing.

Other advantages are that it maintains your appearance during the 9-12 month healing process of the gums. The dentist will effectively use the information available from your natural teeth to incorporate into your new interim denture (size, shape, length and location of the teeth). Also you begin immediately the “learning” process of wearing your new denture. This helps tremendously in learning to eat and speak effectively.

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We generally will recommend a new denture be made after the gum stabilizes from the shrinking that occurs after extractions. We can often improve on the cosmetic and functional placement of the teeth after the gums have finished “shrinking”. For this reason, we usually recommend that the interim/immediate denture be a less expensive denture than our top of the line custom dentures.

We offer a package called the First Time Denture Package that combines the less expensive immediate denture with a final customized denture at a significant savings. This two denture option is often less than a single denture at most dental offices! In addition, the package really “babies” you through the long healing process by providing unlimited adjustments and several soft temporary relines that keep your immediate denture fitting during this process when your gums are “shrinking”.

However, the interim denture can often be “refitted” by a procedure called relining if economics dictate that a new second denture or a First Time Denture Package is not affordable.

It is very important that a new denture or a reline of the immediate denture is done within a year of the extractions. Poorly fitting dentures will cause permanent damage to your ridges (gums) and make fabricating  your future dentures more difficult.

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