Mini Dental Implants

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Some patients desiring implants do not have the proper amount of bone for standard implants and do not wish to have the necessary grafting procedures done, or they simply cannot afford the standard implants. Mini dental implants, also known as denture-retention implants, can securely hold dentures in place and are less expensive than traditional dental implants. Unlike the standard implants (standard diameter) which are two piece, these are small one piece titanium posts that act as the roots of your teeth and fit into the retaining fixtures that are inserted into your denture. The retaining fixture placed in your denture provides a firm hold, ensuring you can laugh, talk, and eat without worry.

We always recommend if possible that patients proceed with standard implants.  Mini implants are a fantastic treatment option. But because they have less contact with bone they may have less success, increased risk of fracture, and you can never convert from removable denture to a fixed appliance.

While they are not intended as a permanent solution, mini dental implants can be a quick, affordable, temporary solution that is said to last for up to ten years.  Sometimes we are able to place them without a full surgical procedure, but only a consultation and exam can tell!

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Mini dental implants are FDA approved and have been used by dentists for decades. They have a great success rate when performed by an experienced dentist and are great for patients who don’t have enough bone density for full-sized implants. And the best part is… You will be able to toss those messy denture adhesives and creams, and chew, speak, and smile with confidence once again!

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