Implant partial overdenture

The implant partial overdenture is a great restoration for a person who is missing several teeth, and for a person who has been wearing a removable partial denture and has never enjoyed it.   There are several advantages that come with it.

  • Removable option allowing for better access to clean around implants and clean denture
  • Stabilize bone loss around implants
  • Often no metal clasps necessary to hold denture in place like traditional partials
    • More esthetic (don’t see any metal clasps)
    • Reduced negative pressures placed on remaining natural teeth
    • Less movement
    • Less irritation to gums
  • Less bulk of material and less extension, less coverage of the palate compared with traditional partials
  • Take pressure off of gums/bone

DentureCare and Implant Solutions

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Patient Review By Cynthia P

When I was little had a very bad experience at the dentist office so, the only time I go to the dentist was I had to. I had to have seven teeth pulled to obtain upper dentures. I honestly wanted to be put to sleep but this doctor reassured me it would be ok. The day came to pull the teeth I can say God was leading this doctor's hands. This dentist was awesome in keeping my anxiety down and he had the teeth out within minutes and his compassion and caring was out of this world. Thanks so much for giving me a new smile and the confidence to smile.

- Cynthia P

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Patient Review By Frank J

I have trusted my dental care needs to DENTURE CARE AND IMPLANT SOLUTIONS for a number of years now. Each visit has been one of complete satisfaction... I'm made to feel comfortable and welcome, (without pretense), by every Staff Member at each phase of the treatment process, start to finish. They provide a high level of professional quality service in a very pleasant atmosphere. I'ts been my good fortune to have Ms. Vada, ( Dental Assistant ), help guide me through treatment on a few visits, as she's excellent in her capacity and I find the same to be true among all Staffers here. The Drs. Jernigan are true experts, genuinely concerned about their patients and I will continue seeking their help whenever I have need. "THANKS DENTURE CARE AND IMPLANT SOLUTIONS : 5STAR TEAM TOP TO BOTTOM"

- Frank J

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Patient Review By Johnny C

Very well pleased

- Johnny C

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Patient Review By David P

Love it. Good Job.

- David P

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Patient Review By Henry J

Excellent in every area. This is my third visit.

- Henry J

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Patient Review By Sylvia H

I always receive great service when I come here.

- Sylvia H

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Patient Review By Elma M

Good and very nice. I have been coming here a long time.

- Elma M

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Patient Review By Larry A

Everything was done very good.

- Larry A

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Patient Review By

Dr Jernigan had a hard time pulling all 8 teeth but never gave up with me. Everyone was great.

- Anonymous

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Patient Review By Julia E

All staff treated me as if I was their only concern while they were with me. I was very comfortable in their care.

- Julia E

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