Implant Placement Procedure

The surgical procedure for placing dental implants is much less bothersome and traumatic than patients think.  It is often less bothersome and hard on a patient than having several teeth extracted.  The team does everything we can to make the process as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

Before the Procedure

You can find comfort that the doctor has spent immense time and thought planning out the procedure through pre-operative consultation and examination, study models, and virtual implant case  and treatment planning on the computer using 3D x-ray. There is no better way to ensure the procedure goes accordingly and smoothly.  Often times the doctor will also place patients on an antibiotic and special mouth rinse a few days before the procedure to help decrease bacteria in surgical area and decrease chance of infection afterwards, which is rare to begin with. The patient is also sometimes instructed to take a steroid the morning of to reduce inflammation.  Also sometimes for a very anxious patient, they may be prescribed an oral sedation medication to take the morning of to reduce anxiety (driver/escort necessary).

Procedure and Post-Op

The procedure usually takes several hours to place multiple implants.   To ensure comfort and reduce stress, we offer oral anxiety reduction medication, nitrous oxide (laughing gas), and we will set up a custom radio station for easy-listening with patient headphones during the procedure! Local anesthesia is administered so there is no discomfort to patient during the procedure.  If necessary some sutures will be placed to stabilize the gum tissues, but the majority of the time the sutures we use will go away on their own. Several specific post-procedure instructions will be given regarding care and home hygiene, and it is very important to the success of the implant that the patient follow them.  The patient is given pain medication and usually continues with their antibiotic.