2-implant overdenture


The 2-implant overdenture is becoming the modern standard of care for a person who is already in or who is going to be in lower denture.  For many people who have experienced the problems with lower dentures,  implants to snap the denture onto will change your life! It is not enough implants to support a denture for the upper jaw due to the quality of the bone.

  • Stabilizes and retains denture from flopping and moving around when talking, eating, laughing
  • Allows patient to get rid of those messy adhesives!
  • Special attachments are connected to implant to snap into special modified denture (sometimes can adapt old denture)
  • Can start with 2 implants, then later if desire place more implants for more stability, and if enough placed have option to transition to a fixed screw-retained prosthesis that doesn’t come out
  • Stabilizes and stops bone loss in area where implants are placed- the more implants the greater

The 2-implant overdenture can be thought of as a two legged chair.  You get good stability but still get some movement on the gums (not flopping around).  This treatment in itself can change a person’s life, allowing them to be able to start chewing better, talking and laughing without concern of denture falling out and get rid of those messy adhesives!

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