Implant with Crown

   Lower jaw and gums missing one tooth                     Lower jaw receiving an implant and crown

Dental implant crowns are an ideal treatment option for a person missing one or a couple of teeth.  The way it works is a dental implant is placed in the site of the missing tooth, and once healed a dental crown (shaped just like a natural tooth) is fabricated and is placed on top of the dental implant.  This is an incredible restoration with numerous advantages:

  • Fixed restoration that isn’t removed and remains in the mouth, giving a feel and function most similar to natural teeth
  • Do not have to cut down, alter, or put pressures on natural teeth beside the missing tooth, as is the case with fixed bridges and removable partial dentures
  • The implant stabilizes the bone and gum loss in the area
  • Numerous material options for restoration to give you the esthetic appearance and function that is right for you

For people missing several teeth in a row, this is also a great option and a dental implant bridge can be used.

implant screws shown inside the gums of  the upper jaw   Crowns are placed on top of the screws implanted in the gums