Partial Dentures

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Removable Dentures

Removable partial dentures are fabricated for patients missing one, or several teeth, but still have some remaining teeth. Traditionally partials use the remaining natural teeth to hold the partial in place. For this reason, ideally we want you to do your best to ensure the health of the remaining teeth before fabricating partials, and to continue to maintain them by seeing a general dentist for cleanings and recalls.

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Now we also have the option to use implants to support partials, like complete dentures, which has many advantages over traditional partials. Refer to implant section regarding implant over-partial dentures.

We offer two types of materials to fabricate partials: cast metal and acrylic.

Cast partials are the most traditional. They are the sturdiest, most durable, and securely fitting. A cast metal framework is fabricated exactly to a model of your teeth and mouth tissues, ensuring a precise and comfortable fit. The teeth and denture acrylic are set atop this framework. It is extremely important that the remaining natural teeth are cared for before and after fabrication of this type of partial. These partials are best for a patient missing several to many teeth.

Acrylic partials are fabricated completely out of a pink plastic-like material, and usually use metal wires to clasp on to teeth similar to the cast partial, but not as precise a fit. They are best indicated for a patient as a healing denture after extraction of teeth, before fabrication of a permanent cast partial. They are also great for a patient missing only one or two teeth, often called a “flipper”. Finally, they are also ideal for patients that are transitioning to a complete denture because the remaining teeth are failing.

The dentist will discuss with you the pros and cons of each, and together you can decide which is best for you.