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5 out of 5 stars based on 123 reviews.

Patient Review By Addie H

I am so overwhelmed and happy with the staff and service and my dentures.

- Addie H

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Patient Review By Leonard M

The implants have really improved my ability to eat. I am able to eat corn on the cob. I am eating more and I am eating better foods now. Before I had the implants my dentures did not stay in place and they jumped around in my mouth. Implants have improved my life!!!

- Leonard M

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Patient Review By larry m

staff and doctors are great. I will rec. to friends.

- larry m

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smile-couple1“ When I started losing my teeth at age 45, it was devastating to my body image and self- confidence.  I was ashamed of losing my teeth.  I did not smile in fear of someone seeing my missing teeth and thus judging me… I kept a closed mouth so people could not critique me… I hated the feel of a denture especially the way it moved it my mouth. 

        I looked at implants but it was too expensive for my budget until I came across Dr. Jernigan’s ad in the newspaper.  When I came to talk to him about my problem he was very understanding and caring! He helped me prioritize my financial situation.  The comment which allowed me to get implants was ‘A person will spend $20,000 on a car but will not spend money on oneself.  This was true of my situation.  Of course, my implants did not cost $20,000…

    However, it is worth every penny!  Implants in my lower gum with a full denture have given me the freedom again to smile and talk with other. I can chew again with a full set of teeth!  My confidence is back! With the implants there is no movement of the lower denture.  If feels similar to my original teeth!

    Thank you for giving me my smile back!”


I had trouble keeping my bottom teeth in.  Even when I would put powder in them in a little while they wanted to come out, and I would get so mad! I went to see Dr. Jernigan and he said ‘have you thought about trying dental implants?’ Well I set up my appointment to have it done, and believe me I have not regretted it at all! Now my bottom teeth stay in, so no more having to put powder in them.  I can EAT ANYTHING, and I don’t have to worry about them falling out anymore. This was the BEST thing I have ever done! I know that whoever tries these implants will not be sorry!”  -Doris

“Everyone was very friendly! My wife cried because she had never seen me smile with good looking teeth. Great experience!” – Phillip

“I have never been so overwhelmed with great service in a dentist office in my life! The work and care that you gave me, and the outcome… PERFECT! My dentures are very natural looking, they are just beautiful!  Thank you! It took me longer to drive home because I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror, smiling! The time and quality of work was worth waiting for. Thanks again!” – Rosilyn

“I have never smiled with my teeth showing until now. Now I have a very beautiful smile! Thank you Dr. Jernigan and staff.  I feel so much more confident in smiling!” – Jennifer

“The most refreshing experience! I thought it would be really bad but it was not bad at all. I would encourage anyone who needs dental work to come her. Good people!”- David

“I had a very good experience at Drs. Jernigan and Associates. They  are very professional and extremely nice from the doctors to the office staff.”- William

“The work was fantastic! All of the people were the same!”- Bernard

“Had an awesome, very professional visit.  The staff is awesome!” – Henry

“I want to say I really appreciate everything (they) have done. I really am going to enjoy  my teeth! Thanks so much and God Bless!”- Carol

“It was a great experience! I’m very happy with the results!”  – Randy