Patient Review By Susan O

Thank you dr. Jernigan and girls !!! Oh what a good job for handling my anxiety and explaining everything to me more than one time . Absolutely never any pain and making it an easy recovery. Gosh, life is wonderful to eat with no more problems from those pesky bad teeth with all their own little nags and no more sensitivity which alone by itself is worth every dime !!!! Along with all mentioned , I also have a beautiful smile. " This makes entering the 50's so much more pleasant. Dr. Jernigan,"Thanks for letting me be entertained by the Goo Goo Dolls through the procedure and sorry for falling asleep a half dozen times while pulling teeth and putting my implants in. You did a magnificent job and thanks for caring most of all !!! So anyway this is me now because of you . Thank you and the girls !!!!!!

- Susan O

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