Patient Review By Donna E

One thing I would suggest is to explain the warrantee better. Instead of saying a two year breakage warrantee and a three year normal use warrantee. Would be simpler and easier to understand if worded...Two year breakage warrantee even if dropped and third year breakage warrantee while using as directed. Doesn't cover drop breakage. The way it is written sounds as if you only get a 2 year warrantee. The third year warrantee isn't clear as it is now written. Another thing is explain on the web site that paper x-rays aren't accepted. If I knew this I would have had my doctor e-mail his computer images to you if I had your e-mail address. I asked him for copies of my x-ray and his secretary printed them out from the computer. Hence bring x-rays to save money redoing them was a waist of time.

- Donna E

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