Are Implants For Me? A Second Chance

Common Misconceptions

It is all too common that when our team starts discussing dental implants with people they already have the notion and convinced themselves that they are not good candidates for dental implants.  The sad part is that this is almost always a misconception, and not actually the case. There are actually very few reasons that truly prevent a patient from getting dental implants.  Some of the most common misconceptions that we hear are:

  •  “I am too old to get dental implants…”
  • “They are too expensive…”
  • “They sound painful…”

The truth is most of the time age is not something preventing patients from getting implants.  Why not receive treatment that can help you truly enjoy and gain immense satisfaction for the rest of your life? Why not invest in something that can improve your health and potentially add on years to your life?

It is true that implants are an expensive treatment and technology.  However, how can you put a price on something that can change your life?  Major tooth loss can become a debilitation that can seriously affect your physical and emotional well-being.   If you started to have major problems with your hip, would you find a way to get the necessary replacement to transform that joint almost back to new?  We as people sometimes forget how important our oral health is.  At DentureCare & Implant Solutions, we offer several different levels of treatment solutions to accommodate financial concerns.

The only real way to determine if you are a candidate or not for dental implants is through a thorough consultation and evaluation.

Before the advances made in implant dentistry, the best, and really only, option to predictably restore tooth loss has been dentures (both fixed bridges, and removable dentures). However, as stated, there are many negative side effects that can follow tooth loss that these options cannot help, and sometimes even worsen the issue. Now with implants, we have the ability to take these restorations to that next level, and halt many of those negative effects of tooth loss. Implants also give us a brand new array of treatment options patients never thought possible!  Get back to enjoying life, to enjoying eating some of your favorite foods, and socializing and laughing with confidence. The sad truth of tooth loss is real and very common in the world, but with dental implants we now have hope for a second chance!

It is time to STOP COPING  and time to START LIVING!

Are You Ready to Restore Your Smile?

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DentureCare and Implant Solutions

5 out of 5 stars based on 11 implants reviews

Patient Review By William C

If you are thinking about having implants, stop thinking and go out and talk with these folks. They do not talk over your head and take the time to explain in detail and answer every single question. Cannot say enough about how well they cared for me and made sure that I was not in pain, understood what they were doing and what to expect when completed. Just wish that I had it done fifteen years or so earlier. Even through the follow up visits, ALL the staff was courteous, responsive and you could tell they were genuinely concerned and cared. Never heard a negative word from anyone, no raised voices, Dr Journigan continuously explained and taught others as he went along. Seriously, I am enjoying foods now that I never thought I would be able to eat again and some even that I had forgotten about! Absolutely no regrets other than wishing I would have done it sooner.

- William C

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Patient Review By Brenda B

I recently had implants done on the top and bottom and received ne dentures for both. I am so very happy with the success of this procedure. I am able to eat anything I want now; better than in years. I can smile my big wide smile like I used to be able to do and it feels so good. The staff was so wonderful, everyone was always so helpful. I always felt that I was their #1 patient of that day; such a great feeling. They are the best. I highly recommend the whole team. Having this procedure done is not a quick fix. It requires some patience on the part of the patient. Nothing good ever comes easy, but it is so well worth the time and effort that goes into it. Thanks to all who helped make me so happy. I hope my review shows as a 5 star, because that was my intent.

- Brenda B

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Patient Review By C B

I must tell anyone interested in Dental Implants to check out DentureCare and Implant Solutions in Rocky Mount, NC! All the staff, from the front desk and on, were nothing less than professionals. Their dedication to my care was beyond my expectations. Always friendly, Kind and supportive. Getting dentures, especially with implants, is a process but Dr Jernigan and his staff made me feel right at home. painless through all the procedures. I,m enjoying food better now than ever. Corn on the cob, steak and bacon. Stuff I struggled with before. I do recommend them. 100% yes. I live in Kentucky, They were worth the drive (461 miles one way) for each appointment. If any of the staff is reading this I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- C B

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Patient Review By Lorrie G

I had dentures for over 5 years. I was fortunate to have only a top plate but I could no longer enjoy food as I used to. I learned that a lot of your taste buds are in the roof of your mouth. I researched implants for over two years. I could not find any that I could afford. Then by chance I dropped my denture on the dining table. (I would take them out and eat with my gums, much to my family's dismay). I had dropped them numerous times but they had never broken. Guess they just fell the right way or it was God's way of showing me where I needed to go. When I went into denture solutions to get them fixed I asked about implants. Dr. Joc Jernigan talked with me and I told him the reasons I was unhappy with my dentures. He came up with a solution that would work for me and one that I could afford. Now I can eat like I used to, have a beautiful smile and am very happy with the results I got. Dr. Joc Jernigan is the best dentist and person I have ever met in this profession. He truly cares about people and that is rare in this day and time. He showed me kindness when I needed it the most! Thanks to all at denture solutions for the way they helped me to change my life for the better.

- Lorrie G

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Patient Review By Susan O

Thank you dr. Jernigan and girls !!! Oh what a good job for handling my anxiety and explaining everything to me more than one time . Absolutely never any pain and making it an easy recovery. Gosh, life is wonderful to eat with no more problems from those pesky bad teeth with all their own little nags and no more sensitivity which alone by itself is worth every dime !!!! Along with all mentioned , I also have a beautiful smile. " This makes entering the 50's so much more pleasant. Dr. Jernigan,"Thanks for letting me be entertained by the Goo Goo Dolls through the procedure and sorry for falling asleep a half dozen times while pulling teeth and putting my implants in. You did a magnificent job and thanks for caring most of all !!! So anyway this is me now because of you . Thank you and the girls !!!!!!

- Susan O

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Patient Review By Carolyn R

You and your associates are phenomenal, the greatest!! Love Love my implants. Your care of me was excellent. Thank You from my heart. Now I can eat, talk, laugh and enjoy life at it's fullest, and I do. Thanks to you. Such an excellent job. You are God sent and you will do well for this Rocky Mount area. Thank you. As Always Smiling, CR We are Blessed to Have you!!

- Carolyn R

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Patient Review By Tom G

Thank you so much! I could not be happier with my new implants. I can eat the foods I used to eat 🙂

- Tom G

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Patient Review By Judy B

I never imagine I would love going to a dentist! LOL But these people make it a pleasant experience!

- Judy B

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Patient Review By Barbara S

I had two teeth cut out on the lower gum and two implants inserted on the same day. Dr. Joc was great and I never had any pain. I also got new lower and upper dentures and have had nothing but praise from my family about how pretty and natural they look. If you have any adjustment done the staff is the greatest to work with and very good at knowing what needs to be done. The implants are very reasonably compared to other Dentist. I would recommend these Doctors and Staff to my family and friends.

- Barbara S

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Patient Review By David B

The implants have really helped me keep my lower denture in place without it moving and without having to use all of that sticky adhesive. Now I can eat whatever I what without having to worry about my denture moving around.

- David B

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